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| June 25, 2019

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49 Hells Angel’s arrested in Brighton

49 Hells Angel’s arrested in Brighton
Hannah Midgley

Before the Hell’s Angels Euro Run, police had arrested thirty-four people for having drugs and weapons. Twelve people had been charged and seven had been given suspended prison sentences before the Saturday “ride out” even began.

In total fourty nine people have now been arrested in connection with the event, with a number having already been sentenced at court.

The arrests were made after Sussex and Surrey Police force introduced an order on Wednesday night, that allowed the stop and search of individuals within a designated area. Nev Kemp, who was the former divisional commander of Brighton and Hove and is now Assistant Chief Constable has said that he was pleased he put this order – which is called section 60 – in place.

The bikers descended on a Saturday that also saw thirty thousand people at Kemptown Carnival, twenty-four thousand at the Amex and thousands of extra day-trippers to enjoy the sun. On top of this, the English European Cup football finals bought many fans out to pubs and clubs. But, despite what could have ensued some chaos in Brighton, Nev Kemp has said that it was a successful weekend and that he is “proud” of the police force:

“This has been a hugely busy week for both forces and I’m incredibly proud of the efforts I’ve seen from all involved. Many months of planning and hard work have gone into making all of these events run as smoothly as possible.
“Public safety has been our main priority and we have had to put in place highly visible tactics this week which has significantly reduced the risk to the wider public and those wanting to enjoy themselves at all these events.”

He explained that by sharing information with international colleagues, the force was also able to prevent twenty-seven people from entering the UK because of the risks that they posed. Those that were refused entry were international members of the Hells Angels and “seemed to pose a risk to the public with previous convictions for serious violent crimes including; murder, kidnap, torture, drug supply, violent assaults and firearms offences.”

Nev Kemp continued:

Hells Angels events have not routinely passed without very serious incidents when they have taken place in other countries and a measure of success for us is ensuring that it passed without serious incident here in the UK. Europol have been very complimentary about the UK policing operation.
“The fact that all of these different events across involving thousands of people have passed without serious incident is something that we can be very pleased with. They required significant resourcing, planning and professionalism from police officers and staff because of the varied risks involved and I would like to thank everyone for the work they have put in this week.”

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